Monday, 1 October 2012

Just in case you thought I was a voice in the wilderness ...

It seems as if I am not alone in questioning the Irish Times' decision to revise the figures that were at the #march4choice on Saturday last. Plenty more people out there thought that something stunk about the 'paper of record.' So hats off to my favorite military historian, The Thirsty Gargoyle who has more time on his hands than I, hard as that is to believe. He actually counted the people at the march and he used the video, you know, they one that was to prove that there were simply thousands and thousands there. Well, guess what? He counted 850! So, it's reasonable to believe that the march picked up people along the way, therefore the original Garda figure was right. You can read The Thirsty Gargoyle's post here. I recommend his blog by the way.


  1. i blame youth defence for the whole thing, it wouldn't have gotten as big as it did if they weren't so abrasive, im donating to PLC instead this year.

    1. I'm very slow to start blaming any one organization. Personally I'm glad that there is more than one organization to give voice to the unborn and I wouldn't like to be critical of any one person or organization.

  2. i think it should be noted pro-aborts are passing around this propaganda to try to dissuade us!